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Nurture Your Relationships
with King Family Therapy

Whether you're struggling with a family relationship, friendship, or partnership, our services are tailored to your unique needs. We design treatment to help you build healthy relationships that are based on mutual respect and support.


Improve Your Relationships

In therapy, we can help you understand the roots of your challenges and identify patterns of behavior that can be improved. We not only seek to understand, but also make sure to identify practical suggestions for improvement.


Reduce Codependency | Maintain Healthy Bonds

If you're struggling with codependency, breaking free doesn't mean severing connections; it means rediscovering your own identity and nurturing relationships that are built on respect, trust, and individual growth. We believe in your ability to create new and effective patterns that will lead to healthier, more fulfilling connections. 

Why Choose King Family Therapy?

Compassionate Therapists

 Our therapists are passionate about helping you find hope and healing in your life.  We provide a warm and welcoming space for you to express your feelings and concerns. 


Proven Results

We have helped countless individuals learn how to improve their relationships, helping them to experience greater health and happiness with loved ones. 


Client-Centered Care

  We create customized treatment plans to suit your individual circumstances. Your unique needs and goals are at the center of our treatment approach. 


"Good relationships are no accident. They are the work of joy."

Get in Touch

1460 7th Street, Ste 306

Santa Monica, CA 90401

(424) 261-5250

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